Ready to put down the brush and let a professional take over? Here are a few tips when hiring a painting contractor so you know you’re getting the best service possible.

*Is your contractor certified?  They should be able to provide you with a state licensing number for all insurance purposes.

*Does your contractor use the best quality of paint?  If they use a high quality paint, that means they make sure, and they care, that they produce high quality work.  

*Does your contractor have testimonials or customer reviews?  One of the best ways to know that you are obtaining a great painting company, is by what others have to say.  Before and after pictures, customer reviews, and ratings on google are great ways to see how recommended this contractor is.  

What to Expect when Getting an Estimate

*The price should be fair, accurate, and well explained.  

*The contractor should well examine the work you are wanting completed, and tell you their plan and expected cost. The less surprise, the better.






What to Expect During the Project

*The crew should show up on time and ready to work.  You can tell that instructions are given to them ahead of time by their leader.

*The workers are clearly identifiable by their van and/or shirts.

*Clean, friendly, respectful employees with a strong work ethic.

*They are as unobtrusive as possible.

*They are available to answer any questions to ensure satisfaction.

*They stick to the clear time frame given to you from the contractor.


What to Expect After the Project

*The only evidence left on the job site, is a good paint job.

*All the clean up is finished; you should not have to add your services as a homeowner!

*The bill is not questioned; there should be no surprise fees or added costs to you without your awareness throughout the entire project





Why Davis Painting is the company to trust…

We are a certified and insured company who value quality over anything else.  We take pride in our quality of work, our trusting relationships with our valued clients, our crew who is committed and strive to have the best craftsmanship, and an honest owner who cares about providing every homeowner with the best experience possible.

Contact us today at, or 484-791-3466, for all of your interior and exterior painting needs!

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