We use top of the line biodegradble solutions on all surfaces we wash to ensure we do our part in keeping our environment safe and your plants and animals.

We utilize a soft washing technique, making sure the pressure hitting your home is low but effective at the same time, causing the best finish with ZERO water penetration.

All of our power washing technicians go through a training program and undergo monthly training. Safety measures are taken on every job to keep our customers piece of mind.


(Siding, Brick, Stucco, Wood, etc) Utlilizing our state of the art equipment with our own water tanks we are able to wash your entire home in the fraction of the time of our competitiors. We use warm water instead of pressure to make certain your home gets the care it deserves with ZERO damage.


(Exterior Wood Structures) We utilize wood brighteners, neutralizers, and multiple other solutions depending on the wood structure. The finished product is a brand new looking deck! Give our sister company “Davis painting” a call to stain then!


Often times people contemplating replacing concrete and patios not realizing a professional power wash is all you need. We use state of the art surface cleaners and scrubbers to bring life back into your concrete and patios.


Over time metal oxidizes and vinyl gets green. No worries. We will make it look new again!


Davis power washing is equipped to wash any commercial structure. We come prepared with our lift and safety harnesses allowing us to reach areas other companies can not. We bring our own hot water heater to help eliminate those extra dirty spots! We do NOT do water reclamation nor are we an environmental company.


Davis power washing Does NOT do any roof cleaning. We always recommend a good window cleaning after power washing. Hard water can result in spots on your windows. We can refer you to our window cleaning company to make sure everything is brand new looking again!!