Weekend at Bernie’s

One of my best return customers gave me a call a few weeks ago explaining that his house has still not sold. We did some work in this beautiful home last year to get ready to sell. After being on the market for a bit it was time to take this home off the market to spruce up a few more things to try and sell it.

I told the crew it would be a long weekend at Bernie’s. We arrived on a Friday and started the heavy prep work in this huge living room. We had to rip out the tape lines in the entire ceiling and retape them. We also taped about every corner and every surround on the windows in this living room.


Simultaneously we were working on the fluorescent pink room upstairs.

photo 10


After pounds and pounds of spackle, a few very long 14 hour days, we were finally done. 2 coats of paint in both of these rooms and many repairs later they were done! In 2 and a half days we completed this huge living room and this pinkie bedroom as well. We will be back next week to do a few more things. Hopefully the buyer’s eyes are caught this time!

photo 3

photo 8

photo 11

photo 12

photo 13

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