The Cynthia Project

Davis Painting made up some brochures and visited the local community to market. One lady my brother distributed my brochure to happened to be someone we have known for a while and a fellow member of our church. She explained to my brother they were in the process of getting their whole entire house renovated and was interested in a paint job from top to bottom.

I met with the homeowners and sent over the estimate. After accepting the estimate we started on this home a couple of weeks later. I knew in the back of my head this was going to be a lot of work. The home wasn’t painted in 10 years, the bathrooms all had sponge paint in them, there were numerous cracks, holes in the walls, and some very vibrant colors in the rooms upstairs that had to go.

Cynthia went a different route then most homeowners. She chose country style colors, and also colors for all of the trim accenting the walls. I wasn’t so sure how all 14 of these colors would coincide with each other but I’ll tell you, she did a wonderful job!





This job wasn’t easy because we were coordinating our schedule around all of the contractors who were there, and also trying to get this done for a surprise for her son when he arrived home. After 2 full buckets of green lid and a lot of man hours into polishing these walls, ceilings, and trim down, we finally got this home looking in tip top shape again. I didn’t feel like I was in Collegeville anymore, it was like something out of a country home magazine.



To top it all off, the shabby basement was converted into a laid-back man cave. Fresh carpet, a new drop ceiling and brand new wood paneling surrounds the room now. After suggesting different options with Cynthia we ended up going with the product HOPES tongue oil to finish this man cave off.

We applied 4 coats to the entire wood paneling and then let it dry. It came out amazing! I feel like I am entering a log cabin in the Poconos every time I walk down the steps and enter Bill’s man cave.


Overall, this house came a loooong way. I am sure Bill and Cynthia are happy they can now sit back and enjoy their great investment. Below are their thoughts of Davis Painting. Thank you Bill and Cynthia for letting us put the color back in your life!

-Colby Davis of Davis Painting

We were extremely satisfied with Davis Painting. They did a great job with a lot of extras. What separates them from the competition is their attention to detail. Our house was a mess, not only did they do a beautiful paint job, but they made numerous repairs to all our rooms. I would absolutely be willing to use Davis Painting in the future and also recommend them. They did a great job! –Cynthia and Bill from Collegeville, PA

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