Surprise Deck! (Fort Washington)

I received a phone call from one of my good customers asking if we could refinish his deck for a surprise for his wife. The couple was heading to Atlantic City for the weekend so it was a perfect opportunity to get this done just in time.


My brother and I waited down the street from the customer until i received confirmation they had left. At 12PM on a Sunday my brother and i got on this deck and started working our magic.


We pressure washed this entire deck and by the time we were done it already looked brand new! We arrived that following Monday and sanded this entire deck down to ensure for a perfect finish with a glass like appearance. After this, we repaired any loose boards and also replaced a few spindles.



Finally, we applied a semi transparent stain with a color called Redwood.




I received a call from the customer the day after and him and his wife were ecstatic! They absolutely love their new deck. Thank you Ken for letting Davis Painting put the color back in you and your wife’s life!

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