Pumpkin deck gets a facelift

When we first went on the estimate for this project we already knew what we were getting ourselves into, but that did not stop us. This deck was pumpkin orange and looked like someone threw a bucket of stain on there and just let it sit for years. The boards were splintered out and there were nails sticking out everywhere. This was the perfect project for us. Below take a look at the in depth steps we took to get this pumpkin deck looking modern and appealing.


We first pressure washed the whole deck. After that we made all of the necessary repairs such as putting all new hardware on the swing gate, and also screwing down all loose boards and replacing a few. After this, we sanded this deck from top to bottom to get it down to the bare bone.

We then applied 2 coats of Arbor Coat semi solid stain in one of my favorite colors, “Leather Saddle Brown”.
The finished product….. Another beautifully restored deck by Davis Painting!

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