Garage Overhaul

One of my good customers mentioned to me she would like Davis painting to come back to her house to do some more work. When I arrived at her house she showed me the garage. She wanted the garage overhauled.

This was right up our alley. We quickly got to work. Here are some pictures of the garage before we started.

Garage Before

Before- garage floor

Wall Prepping

After repairing many tape lines on the ceiling, and many holes in the walls it was time to polish down the walls and ceiling with our fest tool orbital sander and then put on one of my favorite colors, Williamsburg Stone.

Walls and Ceiling After

After the ceiling, walls, and trim were done in the garage it was time to get started on the floor. This process was not an easy one. This garage was filled with oil, gas, and a lot of dirt.

We first scrubbed the floor down repeatedly with degreaser until we got all of the dirt and grime up. After we let the floor dry for 24 hours, we used a floor grinder and buffed this floor down to really get down to the bone of the concrete.

Degrease & Buffed Garage Floor

We then applied 2 coats with deco flakes of H&C’s shield crete garage floor 2 part epoxy. The result was a COMPLETELY new garage. Davis Painting definitely overhauled this garage.

After Buff and Epoxy

Finished Garage

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