In the midst of this frigid cold weather, the 2019 painting forecast is out, and it calls for “warm and welcoming”.  The color of your home sets the mood; I’m talking “beiges”, a mix of beige and grey, to a soft lilac grey, to a warm Chelsea grey, warm blues, as well as dark and comforting tones; these colors can transform your home to an elegant, rustic look.

With a new year comes new decorating patterns and styles; no wall needs to remain a blank canvas.  Choose colors that will make a plain wall turn into an accent wall; one that pops and makes your home unique.

Black and white décor and rich color palettes also show to be points of comfort and elegant invitation into your home.

We often hear the phrase, “less is more”. When it comes to home decor, keeping things simple is a way to transform a room or furnishings into a warm, comforting environment; just by color.  One great initiative that Davis Painting offers to our customers is a free hour and a half in home consultation with our color designer.  They can help you decide on a clean, crisp color that brightens your room, to a powerful dark accent that becomes a favorite staple to your sanctuary.

Whatever you choose to do to upgrade your space this season, from a variety of greys to a clean bright white, to a powerful dark feature; keep in mind that Davis Painting is here to provide quality work to create your warm, welcoming space in the start of this new year.


Photos courtesy and copyright of Davis Painting