Changing your home’s exterior look by its paint color is one of the best ways to keep your asset fresh, enhance curb appeal, and create your dream look for something you have worked so hard for . Exterior paint is not only aesthetic, but also protective. It protects wood and other surfaces from rot and premature failure. However, painting the outside of your home is quite different than painting the inside, so knowing the right preparation and job structure is key!

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to the exterior painting of your home…

Don’t Rush the Prep Phase

We know it’s easy to just get up there and start going to town on that new paint color you’ve been waiting for.  However, lack of preparation could very easily ruin your work, and create additional problems for you. Prepping takes the most time out of the exterior painting process, and at times, it can be the most difficult.  Davis Painting takes the time to do all of the necessary preparation before painting; we value your home and we want the final vision to exceed your expectations!

 Our team at Davis Painting ensures the following prep work before painting begins:

  • We scrape away all loose paint chips.
  • We sand anything rough that is leftover.  After all, a smooth surface allows new paint to apply and adhere flawlessly.
  • We thoroughly clean the surface that will be painted. This involves removing all dust, dirt and other debris. Our power washing is a great way to remove the debris, but if this technique is used, the surface must dry for one or two days before painting. Our team makes sure that the surface is painted at the proper moisture level so paint does not fail.
  • We repair areas that are rotten or failing.
  • We caulk any open areas that are necessary.

Don’t Skip the Primer

You want the exterior of your home to look flawless.  It’s essential to apply primer to any wood that has been weathered, stripped, or never been painted.  Primer helps the paint to apply and adhere properly and supports maintenance.

Don’t Use the Wrong Paint

It’s easy for a homeowner to choose the wrong paint with so many out there to pick from.  While color is essentially important, it’s just as important to choose a paint that is specifically designed for exterior use.  A high-quality acrylic paint with alkyd resins is best for maximum durability. These paints are often more expensive, but they are known to endure the elements and last much longer than other paint products.

Here at Davis Painting, we choose Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams high quality paint for our valued customers.


Don’t Forget..You May Need to Ask the Professionals

Honestly, you don’t want to rush through the painting process to end up with a paint job that doesn’t meet your expectations.  That is a major waste of your time and your hard earned money. It’s often best to leave the exterior painting to professionals who ensure that preparation is done right, the proper paint is used, and who has a team who is conditioned and has the knowledge to work in all weather conditions.  


Let us take away your stress and make the vision you have for your home come to light.

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