Your home is your greatest asset and most visible investment.

You worked hard to obtain your home, and you work hard to maintain your purchase.  

Power washing is an invaluable option to add value to your property, give better curb appeal, and prevent you from being known as the green, mossy house on the end of the street.   

Debunking the Pressure Washing Fanfare

Many people see the pressure washing machines sold at the local Home Depot and think that the higher the PSI (pounds per square inch), the better the machine.  But this is not the case.


High pressure actually pushes water behind the laps in the siding of the house, forcing water between the plywood and the back of the siding, which can cause water damage, and give you mildew/mold growth.  

Typically homeowners have a few misconceptions about pressure washing.

  1. They make the mistake of getting too close when pressure washing their home, which causes “etching” in the siding, and discolors when it is dry.  The only repair in this case is the replace the siding completely or paint.
  2. The hoses of the machines are usually not long enough to reach where you need to go, and people tend to use ladders.  The high pressure of these machines can cause people to fall when they turn it on, leading to unnecessary injuries.
  3. Water and pressure alone do not clean away the mildew growth on your home.  While it may look like it has cleaned up, it is not neutralized, and grows back quickly.


A clean home exterior protects your family against allergens like pollen and mold.

Why Power Washing (Soft Washing) is the way to go:


Soft washing is a technique where the water is used to flush the contaminants from your home after the eco friendly, environmentally safe chemical solutions have loosened.  While pressure washing removes with cold water (not the best option), power washing uses warm water and solution to remove the problems. This technology allows us to stand 10-15 feet away from spraying; think of it like a giant car wash for your home, complete with the removal of allergens and pesky insects that take up shop in the small outside crevices of your home.  


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