Looking for a bright light in the midst of this pandemic?  With the holidays around the corner, people are gearing up to deck out their homes in festive lights. Should you take the Clark Griswold route and do it yourself, or should you consider the positive outcome of hiring a professional?

Hanging Christmas lights is often a bigger hassle than expected.

Think about it…how often have you found yourself standing in the outdoor holiday section at Walmart thinking, “I wonder if those strands are still good from last year.  Will they connect to these new strands? How many do I need to wrap around the roof and the ridge lines?  Do I even have a ladder big enough to do that?  Why does my wife think I have time to do this?


Often we underestimate the lights that we need, the extension cords required, or we just don’t know if this brand will sync with this other brand.  A lot can go wrong.  

Consider hiring a professional to do your holiday light setup for these reasons: experience and safety.

Our training benefits YOU…

Our elf professionals will ensure that the lighting setup for your home will look aesthetically pleasing AND be the right fit for your property.  Our free estimates include measuring the exact areas you want illuminated, so that we can custom cut strands to ensure a perfect fit.  We know what kinds of lights are required, and what will be the most effective for you.  Plus, we have more than just strands of custom sized and cut lights.  We have spotlights, wreaths, candles, ways to light up your foliage and more.

Hiring our lighting professionals guarantees that you’ll receive expert level quality as well as curb appeal.


Safety is a priority for our elves. They know how to install various types of holiday lights correctly and securely so they don’t fall off your home or cause a safety hazard.  A common hazard that homeowners can run into during self-installation, is combining the wrong strands, using the wrong cords for outlets, or overloading.  All things that can cause a fire, or blow out outlets. 

We properly seal off ends and make sure that each strand is accurately connected to ensure your home’s safety. Our professionals are also trained to prevent electrical hazards when installing lighting. We work around gutters, sprinklers, etc.  


…that’s not all!

Now you don’t even need to enter the exterior elements to turn those lights on and off.  Our custom installation includes a timer that you can custom set with us for your lights to turn on and off at certain times each day and night.  

Plus, not only do you get to opt out of the laborious installation and take down, but can save time and put off that garage cleaning a wee bit longer, because we store your lights for the following year in our storage facilities.  


High quality equipment, installation, labor, and safety. 

We leave your home looking bright and beautiful for the holidays, and during these uncertain times…

…we could all use a little more joy and beauty.