There is nothing quite like owning an older home.  The history, the architecture, the uniqueness is unlike any other.  However, the effects can be challenging. When it starts to show age, how do you begin to restore? What services would a professional do to make it come to life again?

Restoration painting on the oldest Lutheran Church in America!
Victorian Building


Surface Restoration

When wood deteriorates, we can restore it.  Our company has special skills and the knowledge to remove and replace the damaged wood to match the rest of the home.  

There are also special products and techniques that can be used to halt or reverse the aging process.



Protective Coating

Dormer Restoration on 140 years of craftsmanship.

Exterior paint does more than just aesthetically enhance your home; it protects it.  The weather, natural elements, and insects can really take a toll on the outside of your home.  

Professional painters use high quality primers and paints to preserve the color and the home against nature.



Authentic Historic Colors

While trendy colors are bright, bold, and vibrant, our company keeps the home or building true to its time period.  There are ways that professionals can see to color match, including careful removal of layers down to the original coat.  



If you are looking to restore your home, commercial building, or even church and steeple, Davis Painting is your company.






We have experience with restoring high steeples, historic farmhouses, and buildings that are over 120 years old. However, more than just experience, we truly love the process and final product of restoring older buildings.


Take a look through our website, or follow us on our facebook page, to see our current project in Royersford, PA. Three historical buildings undergoing restoration right on Main Street!