Homes built with wood.  The old faithful, traditional material that provides a sense of warmth and comfort to the aesthetic of the home.  One that newer material cannot compete with. While wood is known to be long lasting and durable, be on the lookout for changes due to time and environment.  


When you as a homeowner see the first signs of wood rot, repair should be top priority.  This damage could be caused by water seeping into the beams of the home, and can spread for a long time before becoming noticeable.  It is important to do a visual inspection of your home’s exterior a few times a year. Common areas of wood rot include the bottom of garage doors, as well as the bottom of front door trim and window trim.  

Signs of Wood Rot:



Flaking Paint

Sponginess: Fungus grows on timber, allowing additional moisture to seep in and cause a sponge type of feeling.


Why Repairing is Important: A small area to repair is much better to deal with than a widespread issue.  Get it taken care of as soon as you see an issue. Repairing the problem can also prevent the decrease of the value of your home, and let you enjoy your asset for years to come.  Plus, repairing the problem prevents rodents, insects, and other pesky critters from entering your humble abode.




Why You Should Contact Us:

Our team at Davis Painting has experience with these issues, and know the proper way to repair your rotten wood and have it last for a long time. We also know the proper way and use the proper tools to power wash, that ensure your home’s exterior gives you a that bang for your buck.

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