Many of our valued customers ask if the color will end up being lighter or darker than the color swatch.  And the truth is…no.

Not if the paint is mixed properly.  Not if you know the proper elements in choosing your color, and choosing the right paint for your job.



There are environmental and psychological factors that affect how a paint color can look on a swatch and on your project.  



Environmental Factors:

  • Type and Quantity of Light
    • Natural, Incandescent, Fluorescent, Halogen, LED.  Some lighting casts yellow tones, and others blue tones.  
    • Choosing the colors you want for your project in the room’s lighting is key.  


When paired against white trim, it is the best environment to stay true to what you want and what the swatch is portraying.  

  • Type of Finish
    • Flat– This paint absorbs light and can make the color look slightly lighter.
    • Semi-Gloss– This type of paint has a sheen that reflects light and can make the color look darker.
    • Matte/Eggshell– This paint is what we at Davis Painting typically use.  It is the most true to the color, neither reflects or absorbs light. It is not flat, or has a sheen.
    • Caption– This paint is the same color but different sheen, which against casts light differently.


Psychological Factors:

  • Eyes can play tricks on us, known as Metamerism (colors look different under different circumstance).  Such as comparing color swatches to one another, side by side. Or against your current paint color on your wall or project.  


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