We hope you and yours are healthy, happy, and safe!

We never thought that we would be bringing you a blog post in the middle of a pandemic, giving you tips on how to stay sane during a lock-down order….but here we are!

So you’ve watched all the shows, you’ve planted all the plants, you’ve cooked all the new recipes…out of ideas?


Here are 5 easy items to change up your routine, provide a little sanity, and leave you and your home fresh and bright.

1. Spruce up that Entry Way! 

A little accent wall, new storage, greenery, a bench with colored pillows.  These are just some ways to easily, and quickly, turn that forgotten space around your door into an organized, “Better Homes and Garden” worthy area! You’d be surprised what you already have around your home that you can utilize here in this space.



2. Turn your Back Patio into an Escape!

Now that the weather is getting warmer, and the sun is staying brighter longer…turn your back yard space into a little escape.  Rugs, lighting, comfortable  seating, greens..a little can go a long way into making your own oasis.


3. Change up your Front Door…new paint job!

If you haven’t checked out Sherwin Williams’ Pinterest page yet…man, are you missing out! They go step by step into the proper way to paint a door, and there are many different popular color options listed as well.



Changing the color of your front door can change the entire front facade of your home, and make it look like new!


4. Teen Room Makeover!

I’m sure if you have children, that they are going a little stir crazy as well.  Not only can you give them a new space to do school work, reading, and their own escape..but you can complete the project together!

Accent walls really make a room pop, and adding colored designs change the entire space.


Saving the best for last…

5. Enjoy Nature, peace and quiet, whatever lets you take time for YOU! 

A lot of you might be feeling pressure to be productive. 

To use all of this newfound time to take up new activities, learn new skills, get done that giant To-Do list. However, while it is great to do all of those things, it is also just as great to take time for yourself.  To spend time with yourself, your family, and just show up for this new routine of homeschooling, working from home, and dealing with the constant media craze.

You are doing just fine.


As a community, we will get through this together! 

Davis Painting & Power Washing wishes you the best during this time, and we look forward to continuing our work with our valued customers. 

Never hesitate to reach out with any DIY home project questions, or if you would like a virtual quote. 

We are always here for you!